EVE Splash Manager Package

The EVE Splash Manager Course, is the most senior training award within the EVE Splash Curriculum. The student to have attained entry acreditation to this course, must have completed all of the EVE Splash User level courses, stand alone specialty courses and have successfully certified as an EVE Supervisor.

Who needs to take this Course - The designated personnel that have the responsibility for the running of the dive centre. Typically dive centre managers and or owners of smaller operations.

The EVE Manager Course, provides the knowledge and practice of how to access the  managerial level privileged tasks that control the shop floor and  the point of sale systems. The EVE Manager, will learn additional skills, knowledge and accessibilty, to export information to enable delivery and collaboration with other specialty personnel, such as accounts clerks, supervisors,directors and business owners. 

EVE Splash Manager Package


Lesson (8)

EVE Splash Manager Course Package

Customers (1)

How to Merge Customers using Auto or Manual Merge


Customers (1)

How to set up and use customer types


Customers (1)

How to make Information Mandatory on a Customer Record


Customers (1)

How to Work Out the Value of an Enquiry Source


EVE Splash Manager

EVE Splash Manager - Review


Inventory (2)

Tax Codes


QuickBooks (2)

Exporting Data to QuickBooks


Note: Staff / EVE Students, may Upgrade their EVE Splash certifications to Full EVE, by taking EVE Splash Upgrade Courses.