Thank you for taking the time to read this email. I hope you are having a busy season, boosted by the wonderful weather of this August bank holiday.
Integrated Scuba Systems, created EVE back in 1995. EVE, was a product born from necessity. EVE was launched to the domestic industry throughout the UK 1998, due to the interest received from the industry. This launch led to signing an agreement with Padi Worldwide in 1999, to provide Padi dive centres with the EVE system designed to assist owners in the running of their business and introduce a level of customer service management and proactive marketing within the operation of their dive centres. The first version of EVE was launched with Padi to world wide diving stakeholders at Dema, Las Vegas in 2003.
EVE, has been developed constantly throughout the years and has grown to be a global product with many hundreds of dive centres worldwide making it the operation system of choice to run their entire business activity.
Today, there is an impressive array of EVE products that make up the EVE Complete system.

  • EVE Splash
  • EVE Agent
  • EVE Dive Centre
  • EVE OnLine
  • EVE Websites
  • EVE Academy
  • EVE Data Hosting

Padi, conducted a survey in 2014, which demonstrated that dive centres using EVE conduct on average 18% more business with Padi than dive centres who do not use EVE. We know further, Dive centres using EVE as it is designed, demonstrate a much higher return regarding equipment sales from the divers that train with them.
A more recent survey conducted this year within the UK, demonstrated that Dive Centres using EVE are on average certifying 46% more divers, above the national trend.
Why is this information important for manufacturers and distributors?
It is widely accepted, dive centres that have active training schools, generate more product sales to both new and existing customers. EVE, is designed to deliver the marketing campaigns for the dive centres to create and increase both course enrolments, product sales and event, trip bookings.  The majority of product sales that are made in a dive centre, are purchased by active training divers. 
A more detailed explanation of how diver training programmes, serve as a platform from which, the dive centre is able to generate associated product sales maybe provided another time. New Open Water Divers, for example need to purchase Mask fins and snorkels, boots and a bag. Each and every diver training course, serves as a platform from which to promote equipment sales.
The list is extensive and far too long to put in this brief email, however some examples of associated equipment packages allied to courses are shown below:
Open Water - Personal Equipment – Fins, masks snorkel, boots and bag.
Advanced Open Water – Compass – dive lights – Dive Knife - Full scuba kit
Boat Diver – Reel – SMB – Dry Bag – Telescopic Dive Flag
Deep Diver Course – Pony Tank and Regulator – Dive computer
Nitrox Course – Nitrox Computer
Wreck Diver Course – Bottom Reels – line markers - lift bags – yellow SMB
Drysuit Diver – Drysuit and Undersuit package
Night Diver – Primary Torch and back up Torch – Strobe
DUP – Underwater camera and or GoPro and Mask Package.
 We have, over many years, through the privilege of working with diving business owners across the globe collated and designed an effective marketing system that constantly provides a higher yield for dive centres using EVE.
EVE, monitors customer enquiries, course sign ups, completions and is able to deliver through programmed automation, prepared, prescribed marketing media before, during and post diver training, with precision. EVE systems are designed to deliver the appropriate message at the right time, designed to increase customer service relationships and most importantly to increase customer spending through the promotion of allied training sales.
The process is easy to comprehend and using EVE simple to implement.
In preparation for the two new products we are launching at Dema this November, we will be working with Padi, contacting international manufacturers and regional distributors to provide us with image, media and stock lists, made ready for use within EVE. Many work with us already. I wanted to send to our UK manufacturers and distributors the opportunity to be included within the new web and App technologies that we are preparing for launch. There is no catch, there is no charge, just the opportunity for you to provide, both to your retailers and their customers the experience of delivering a higher level of service and increased sales.
Integrated Scuba Systems, will be conducting a webinar presentation, to provide a more detailed overview of what EVE is today, and information of the new products we are launching at Dema this year and how you may be involved.  The presentation will be conducted by webinar and so easy to attend, no travelling required. We invite you to register your interest with us, so we may anticipate demand and plan accordingly.

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To read more about what it is we do, please visit our website and browse some example presentation slides of our recent presentations to dive centre owners, from our Introduction to EVE Seminars. EVE Splash is the entry level product