The In-Store and Online solution for the management of your PADI store

Installing EVE into your dive operation, provides you with a single total solution for the management and marketing of all your customer activities,  across  every area of your diving business.  

EVE is designed to work with you, actively recording, monitoring, measuring, integrating and communicating with all other EVE systems you have installed to manage your customer service and business activity.

As an example of the synergy of EVE Systems integration : when you create a new course or a trip on EVE in your store, the corresponding pages on both your EVE website and your EVE OnLine Store, will display the new changes to the calendar schedule  instantly. Your diving customers may be contacted via the EVE Agent informing them of the new activity. Customers may view the activity, book and pay seamlessly via  EVE OnLine, which will record the sale and add customers to their chosen courses or trips in EVE, All of this happens in real time. That’s not all…… now your customers are booked, EVE Agent will further contact your customers before, during and after their chosen activities. Just an example of the integration of EVE systems working together to enhance your service and sales.

Marketing Cycle

All EVE systems, whether instore or hosted online, communicate with EVE in real time, the seamless integration across EVE’s applications allows you to easily monitor customer activity and transmit highly effective marketing media through our proven designed marketing cycles. EVE has, over one hundred custom designed mail templates which are proven to increase customer activity, enrolment and purchases.

Controlling your dive business, using EVE’s powerful inbuilt technologies allied with the benefit of having a single point of reference. The primary focus of EVE's design, is to make the management of your business easier by standardizing staff and logistical practices across your entire operation. This powerful system, will not only increases your gross sales, but allow you and your staff more available  time to focus on taking care of your diving customers needs. After all, is it not your job to make their dreams come true. Happy customers spend more time diving with you, which in turn increases your bottom line. 


  • Sales - Complete Point of Sale module
  • Customers – Record Details Get Ready for CRM and Marketing
  • Purchase Orders - Manage Inventory Levels and When to Order
  • Courses - Track Dates/Customers/Instructors
  • Trips/Charters - Vacations and Day Trips
  • Rentals - Who needs what, when? Keep Track of Equipment and Charge for Activity
  • Services - Work Orders/Part Tracking and Ordering.
  • Inventory – Manage What you Sell and When - Both Instore and Online.
  • Calendar - Entire Dive Centre Activity Schedule 'at a glance'
  • Resort Features - Room Bookings, Trip and Boat Scheduling, Group Management

PADI Integrations

  • OLPC. Processing PADI certifications directly from EVE
  • Dive Check. Search for PADI certifications and add records to your database

EVE Agent

  • 100+ Prepared Mail Templates – High Graphic Content, Professionally Written
  • 100+ Event Driven Marketing jobs – Send Targeted Mail and Messages Automatically at the Appropriate Time 

EVE Hosting

  • Access to your store from anywhere in the world
  • Daily backups, available for download.
  • Secure data transmission through dedicated Cisco VPN and Security Certificates

EVE OnLine

  • Your 24/7 ecommerce solution
  • Sell gear, courses and trips online. . All Sales Managed and Recorded, Synchronized Real Time within EVE.

EVE WebSite

  • 100+ Prepared pages Instantly Ready for Broadcasting (site map)
  • All PADI course pages – Prepared and Customizable
  • Mobile friendly. Adapts to different devices and screens
  • Content Management System – Easy to Use
  • Integrate Utilities with EVE, EVE OnLine and EVE Agent


Worldwide, 24 hour access for you and your staff to:

  • Your customers
  • Your courses
  • Your trips
  • Your certifications

from your phone or tablet. EVE PRO is your dive shop in your pocket.

EVE Training

  • 5 webinars to learn tricks&tips on how to use EVE Enterprise to increase sales and certifications.

Whether you are just starting out with EVE, simply just interested, or already an existing EVE customer, running with some EVE applications. Employing the synergy of the Enterprise, will provide you with the most powerful, cost effective solution available from EVE to date.  Whether you wish to get going as a first time user, or are interested upgrading your existing system, please contact our dedicated team, we will arrange a personal online demonstration of the Award Winning features of  EVE.