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1.     Service Booking changes

Images can now be added to items on service bookings.  e.g. you could take pictures of an item before and after repair and attach them to the booking.  Up to 5 images can be added per booking item.

Service Images

A new Service Quote layout has been added

Service Quote

When a Dry Suit is added to a service booking you can now enter extended details about the work carried out.

Dry Suit Info

A Cylinder valve Serial number field has been added to the Cylinder Specific Information tab of the Equipment form that's shown when a Cylinder equipment item is viewed.

2.     ReActivate changes

When processing a ReActivate certification, you will now need to tell EVE whether the certification being ReActivated is for a PADI course or a non-PADI course.   If PADI, you will use DiveChek to find the type of course being reactivated (e.g. Open Water, Advanced Open Water, etc.).  You can provide that information on the Certification form at any time from course registration up until the PIC is submitted.  If the student is moving to PADI from a different agency, there's no other information to provide.

PADI ReActivate

3.     PADI Forms changes

When Assigning a digital/registration code to a student, you can now indicate whether the student will use paper or digital forms.  If digital is chosen and the course being ReActivated is PADI Open Water, the user will get to choose whether Open Water or Scuba Diver forms will be used.

PADI Forms

4.  Bundled Codes

EVE now supports PADI's bundled codes feature whereby multiple codes can be assigned in one go to a student as a "bundle".  e.g.  codes for (OW and EANx)  or for (AOW and Rescue).  PADI handle this at their end using a "parent" code that represents the bundle itself and 2 or more "child" codes that  represent the components of the bundle (e.g. one for OW and one for EANx).  To use this feature in EVE, choose the "Bundled Code" option when assigning a registration code.  The parent code will be returned by PADI and you can assign (using copy and paste) to the appropriate enrollment records for the student.  i.e. you would set the same code to the OW enrollment and to the EANx enrollment.  Later, when the info is being sent to PADI on EVE's interface to PIC On Line,  PADI will certify the student with the appropriate course type based on the course type (OW or EANx) of the PIC being submitted. 

In short, the only thing you have to do differently in EVE to support bundled codes is to use the "Bundled Code" option when assigning the registration code and to copy and paste the resulting code to appropriate enrollment records.   

Bundled Codes

5. Learning Scores

You can now tell EVE to fetch information from PADI about a student's progress and scores on elearning courses. 

Learning Scores

6. Inventory Count changes

We've extended the filter parameters available for the Inventory Count report.   In the past you could only run the report for one stock type or all stock types and for one manufacturer or all manufacturers.   Now, you can fine-tune which stock types and/or manufacturers to include.  You can also decide up-front what sort-order to use for the resulting items.

In the past, when importing Quantities in Stock onto the Inventory Count report from CSV file, the file had to include columns for the Barcode No. and Qty.   While that is still supported, you can now choose to use Stock No or Stock Item ID instead of the Barcode No.  EVE will prompt you at the start of the Import from CSV process to ask what information is in the first column of the import file.   In addition, the import from CSV process will run much faster now.

Inventory Count Params

7.     EVE Agent changes

We've added a new Active field to EVE Agent Jobs.  Active jobs are shown in black on the list of Jobs while Inactive jobs are shown in grey.   To activate or deactivate a job, double click on it and use the new toggle button at the top right.   We added the Active field for 2 reasons : 1/ it makes it more obvious to you, the store owner, which jobs are actively being used,  2/ it puts less stress on the EVE servers, resulting in faster performance for you, as those inactive jobs are ignored.

EVE Agent tasks

8.     MailChimp changes

When exporting customers from EVE to MailChimp the Campaign list now has some sorting options - i.e. by name and creation date 

MailChimp Campaign Sorting


9.     Sales Clerk Prompt

You can now add a "Sales Clerk Prompt" to stock items.  That text is then shown to the user when those item(s) are added to the shopping basket. e.g. a reminder to "Check ID" when alcohol is sold.

Sales Clerk Prompt

10.     Password Requirements

As EVE has become more and more cloud based, we have added the requirement that strong passwords are used by employees.  In addition, you can indicate on the Employee form that the password must be reset after the next successful login and that the same password cannot be re-used to be the same as any of the last 5 passwords used.  These are standards required for PCI Compliance.

11.     Course Modules in EVE OnLine

You can now indicate on the Modules tab of the Course Type form which modules should be displayed in EVE OnLine.

12.     Merge Customers

Doctors Report information is now included in the process when 2 customers are merged

13.     Automatic Monthly Billing

To avoid the hassle of having to get out your credit card whenever renewal time rolls around, we've implemented automatic billing using a secure 3rd party system called StaxBill.  Once you've configured your StaxBill account with your card details, your card will be charged automatically each month.  You won't have to deal with Renewal Prompts or Codes anymore or work out which product(s) you need to renew as EVE will periodically connect with our Renewal server and automatically renew your licensed product(s) behind the scenes.   Look out for an email describing the process and if you have any questions, you can email us at billing@evediving.com

14.     Fixes

An issue has been fixed that resulted in a error message in certain circumstances when adding staff members to courses when there are expenses present.