EVE UPGRADE Setup Instructions


If you already have EVE Version 5.0 or later installed, you can upgrade to the latest version as follows:

  1. Take a backup of your database by clicking the EVE icon at the top right of EVE and then clicking Backup Now.  The backup will be saved to the location specified on the server computer - i.e. not necessarily the computer you are currently using.  Before proceeding make sure you can locate that backup file on the server.  If your database is hosted by another company, you may or may not be able to take your own backups - i.e. the hosting company probably takes daily backups for you.  Before upgrading, contact the hosting company and ask them to take a backup.
  2. Download the setup program for the latest version of the EVE Client here.  You only need the EVE Client; there is no need to upgrade the EVE Server.
  3. You will need to run the setup program on each PC where EVE is installed so you can either download it to each PC or download it once and then copy it onto each PC.  If you have EVE installed on your server computer (i.e. the computer where the EVE Server component is installed) you need to run the setup on that computer.  If you do not have EVE installed on the server, you do not need to run the setup there. 
  4. There is no need to uninstall EVE before upgrading.  Just run the setup and it will upgrade the version you already have installed.
  5. Once you have upgraded all computers, start EVE on one computer only.  You will see a Version Mismatch prompt.  Click Upgrade Database and then be patient as the process will take a few minutes to complete and EVE will be unresponsive for that time.  Once that has finished you can start EVE on all other computers and enjoy the new version!