New Course Release - EVE Websites

Due to the increased popularity and demand for our prepared customizable EVE Websites, we have created a new EVE Website Training Course.

Boosting your online presence and marketing directly to your customers, could not be made easier. Learn how to administrate your new website, make changes in seconds, make live updates, advertise your courses and trips in real time and keep your customers envigorated with news and the range of services available at your dive centre.Discover more about our Amazing Website Service

EVE Website course lessons are listed below: 

  1. Introduction to EVE websites
  2. How to order your EVE website
  3. Overview of the EVE website CMS dashboard
  4. The 'Dashboard' Tab of the CMS
  5. The 'Settings' tab of the CMS
  6. The 'Users Accounts' tab of the CMS
  7. The 'Assets Manager' tab of the CMS
  8. The 'Web Pages' tab of the CMS
  9. Editing an existing web page
  10. EVE Online Courses - Web Pages
  11. EVE Online Trips - Web Pages
  12. How to create a new web page
  13. The 'Components' tab of the CMS
  14. About us - Components
  15. Adverts - Components
  16. Blog - Components
  17. Contact details - Components
  18. FAQs - Components
  19. Galleries - Components
  20. Slider - Components
  21. Tabs - Components