EVE Instructor Course

EVE Instructor Course, Is direct access course focussed towards the entry level EVE Learning Program. The course is designed to provide the knowledge and skills to instrictor members of staff who are primarlily engaged to teach courses only. The Course is quick to learn, consists of only three lesssons, that allow the instructor to complete a course and either make ready or to certify the students online. 

Who should take the EVE Instructor Course?

All Instructors who are actively teaching dive students in the dive centre. EVE Instructor Course, serves as a pre-requisite for all other courses, especially the EVE Counter Staff Coure.

The need for instructor staff to have the ability to complete courses is essential, as the saved certifying record,  triggers the sending of the EVE Agent marketing campaigns, that congratulate students on their achievements and send information on the next step for them to take.


EVE Instructor Package
Lesson (3)
EVE Instructor Course Package
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Completing a Course
Courses (2)
Using PIC Online with EVE
EVE Instructor
EVE Instructor - Review