This page will provide information on what is release with each CMS update.

Version July 1st, 2023

NEW. Google Analytics v4 integration service.
Our EVE websites are now compatible with the new Google Analytics version 4. The upgrade to GA v4 is required. Please contact us at to start the upgrade process and keep traffic analysis consistent.

FIX. Reccommended Product Prices
When the Online Layout was set to SELECTOR, the Recommended Product section displayed 2 prices. This is now fixed.

FIX. Header Menu on Classic Layout
We optimized the Header Menu items, on the Classic website layout.

FIX. Course Details Information
In some cases, the Course Details Information was not displayed properly. This is now fixed.

FIX. More Details information
In some cases, when expanding the More Details Information section, the information was not displayed properly. This is now fixed.

FIX. Phone Number fields in the Customer account
In the webstore, in the Customer account, the Mobile Phone Number and Home Phone Number were saved to the incorrect field in EVE. This is now fixed.

FIX. Navigation Menu
The Navigation Menu, displayed on the right hand side of each webpage, displayed pages in alphabetical order. The sort is now the same as set in the Parent page.

FIX. Blog Image Missing
When sharing a blog post to social media, the image was missing. This is now fixed.

FIX. People Category
In some cases, it was not possible to create a new People Category. This is now fixed.

FIX. Google Map
In some cases, the Google Map services did not display the location. This is now fixed.

FIX. Book button on iOS devices
In some cases, on iOS devices, the BOOK button was not available on the webstore. This is now fixed.

Version June 1st, 2021

NEW. Add to Cart label
Just below the Add to Cart button on Course enrollment pages, we added a label "Only Add to Cart after entering details of everyone you’re signing up. Use +Add Customer above if there's more than one.".  Similarly on Trip enrollment pages.  This is to make it clearer to users how to enroll multiple people at the same time.  

NEW. Validation message
If the user clicks Add to Cart on a course enrollment page without completing all mandatory fields, EVE Online shows a message indicating them of their mistake.  But, if the user is enrolling several people at the same time, it was possible that the missing information was on a tab not currently showing.  We have improved the message to indicate they should check for missing information on all customer tabs.

The Contact Us page now uses a more advanced CAPTCHA test to better distinguish humans from robots using the page.  i.e. so you receive less SPAM. 

NEW. Barclays payment provider
Stores in the UK can now use the Barclays payment provider if they wish 

NEW. PayPal payment provider
If you use PayPal as your EVE OnLine payment provider, you can now choose whether you want to support PayPal's Credit system (US only) or not.  If PayPal Credit is turned on, your users will see a Credit button in addition to the usual Checkout button when checking out.

FIX. IPad images in landscape mode
On IPads, if a product was viewed in Portrait mode on an IPad and then the IPad was rotated to be in Landscape mode, the product image(s) were not resized correctly.   They are now. 

FIX. No courses available
On course listing pages, on the online shop section, if there are no classes available, a message is shown indicating that the user should contact the store to arrange dates.  We have now made that process easier by providing a link to the Contact Us page. 

FIX. Multiple club memberships
Previously, if the user added e.g. a Gold club membership item to their shopping cart and then tried to add e.g. a Silver club membership to the same cart, the Add to Cart button was correctly disabled but there was no indication as to why.  EVE OnLine will no show an explanation label.  

FIX. Middle Initial
On the Registration page, there is a field for middle initial.   That field is used when submitting PICs to PADI's PIC OnLine.   PADI expects the field to contain at most one character but the Registration page allowed more.   It is now restricted to one character. 

FIX. PayPal information
When payments are performed using the PayPal payment provider, PayPal require 2 numbers to be used a Transaction number and a Payment number.   EVE Online uses the Payment number for security purposes but only the Transaction number appears in the store's account when viewing transaction details at  Only seeing the Payment number in EVE made it hard to reconcile payments against   So, EOL now stores the Transaction number in the Notes field on the invoice and the Payment number on the Payments page.

FIX. EOL Only + Air Fill Cards
When EVE OnLine is used without a "parent" website - i.e. it is configured to be used in conjuction with a 3rd party (not EVE) website, the Claim process for Multi-Sale items (e.g. air fill cards, etc.) did not work correctly.  That is now fixed. 

FIX. Copy booking to another trip
At the bottom of Trip enrollment pages is a link that lets the user make the booking for one trip and then copy the details to other trip(s) so they don't need to retype everything for the 2nd, 3rd, etc. dives.  That process now works better.

Version 4.5.3 July 7th, 2020

FIX. CMS lists
The Slider, Staff, Messages, Contacts lists are now available again to edit and manage.

FIX. Login to CMS
It is now possible to login again to the CMS, without reloading the page

FIX. Course Booking
The ADD TO CART button is now available again when all the required fields are filled in

FIX. Performance
We enhanced the general performance, speed and response.

Version 4.5.2 May 27th, 2020

NEW. Store Sale
We have improved the way you can run a store sale in EVE OnLine.  The process is as follows:

1/ in advance of the sale, create or choose a Customer Type called e.g. "Sale Prices" that will define the prices for those stock items in the sale.

2/ make sure you have an image available that will be used as a banner on top of each product image in the sale.  That image could be e.g. a red starburst with the word "Sale" in the middle.  Make sure the image is called sale-XX.png  where XX is the 2 letter language for your website.  Use 'en' if your website is English, 'fr' for French, 'it' for Italian, 'nl' for Dutch.   Upload your image(s) to the IMAGE folder in your Assets on the website.  NOTE: we've provided an example image for you in that folder.  If you like it, you can rename it as described above to activate it. 

3/ on the day your sale starts, set the 'Our Price' entry on your EOL Store form record in EVE to be the Sale Prices customer type.  Click Build Store Now.   Wait 30 seconds and then view EVE OnLine.  Any item in the sale will have 2 prices shown - one crossed out - and the starburst banner saying *Sale* will be shown at the top right of the product image.  

NEW. Checkout
When users view their cart when not logged-in, we've made it more obvious how to proceed by changing the wording of the checkout text and making it bigger and bolder.

FIX. EVE OnLine only
Most of our users use EVE OnLine in conjunction with an EVE website as this provides full integration between the 2 systems.  But, those of our users that have a 3rd party website that they want to retain,  can use EVE OnLine by itself (i.e. without an accompanying EVE website) and link to it from their website.  We've made several improvements to the way EVE OnLine works in this mode.  Including:  1/ there is no longer a color change when moving to the Terms and Conditions or GDPR pages,  2/ the About Us and Contact Us pages are no longer displayed (these features will be provided by the parent website). 

In addition, most store owners using EVE OnLine only, like the Home page in EOL to direct the user back to the store's main website Home page.   This feature was not working correctly in the previous version.  It is now resolved.

FIX. Robots
We've done more work to ensure that when trustworthy bots (e.g. Google) and not-so-trustworthy bots, crawl EVE websites they put less stress on the server, ensuring better response times.  

NEW. Custom CSS
We've long supported the ability for advanced users to apply their own CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) to pages on EVE websites.  We've now extended that support to EVE OnLine pages as well.

NEW. Facebook app JS
Previously this was only supported in EVE websites based on our classic theme.  We've now extended support for all website themes.

FIX. Data Protection Policy
In some situations changes made to the Data Protection Policy could not be saved.  In addition, T&C and Data Protection Policy displayed properly on the EVE OnLine home page but not on the main website home page.  This is now resolved.

FIX. Data Protection Policy
In some situations the latest Blog entry was blank.  This is now resolved.

FIX. Quality of Child Images
Products in EVE OnLine can be linked together so that variations in color and size don't all have to be listed as individual products.  Instead, one product is displayed and the user can choose their preferred color and/or size from a selector.  In previous versions, the quality of the image displayed was poor when one of those 'child' items was chosen in the selector.   We have improved the quality of those images now. 

FIX. Product Images on iPad
An issue has been fixed whereby EVE OnLine product images appeared stretched when viewed on an iPad in portrait mode.   They were rendered correctly in landscape mode.

FIX. Related Products
In some circumstances 'related products' listed at the bottom of product details pages gave a Page not Found error when clicked.  This is now resolved.

FIX. Website Footer Section
In some circumstances the footer section on pages on websites did not display the full information expected. This is now resolved.

FIX. Header Image Height
In some situations, the Header Image Height value in the CMS settings was not respected.  It is now.

FIX. Home Page Slider
When a video was included in a slide on the Home Page Slider, the video would stop when the next slide was shown.  It will now continue playing to the end.

FIX. Gift Cards as payment in EVE OnLine
Previously, if a customer owned multiple gift cards they were prevented from using them all as payment on the same transaction in EVE OnLine.  This is now resolved. 

FIX. Category Links
Categories in EVE OnLine can be made to link to other pages in EVE OnLine by specifying the URL.  If such a category was added as a link on the EVE OnLine Home page, the link didn't work correctly.  This is now resolved. 

FIX. Redirections
EVE websites have a redirections panel that allows you to redirect the user from one page to another when they click a link.  This can be useful, for example, if you change the URL on a page that you have already given to your customers (perhaps as a link in an email).  Simply, create a redirection from the old (no longer valid) URL to the new URL and your  customers will be taken to the correct page when they click their 'old' link.

An issue in the last version of the CMS prevented redirections from working properly in some circumstances.  This is now resolved.

FIX. Weight label
In EVE OnLine it's possible to calculate shipping based on the invoice total or on the weight of items being shipped.   When configured by invoice total, EVE OnLine used to still show the total weight on the shipping page.  This was not necessary and has been removed.

FIX. Shipping Details
We've imposed a maximum length of 50 characters on each of the shipping address fields.

FIX. Gift Card Claim link
In EVE OnLine, when an end-user purchases a gift card for somebody else, that 'somebody else' receives an email that contains a link to claim the gift card - i.e. to activate the credit on their account.   In non-English versions of EVE OnLine that claim link was not correctly formed.  This is now resolved.

FIX. Shipping 
In some circumstances, a combination of certain pre-defined shipping price bands and a particular price of product being purchased caused an issue during checkout.  This is now resolved.

FIX. Package in a Package 
We've improved the look-and-feel of the Package in a Package page.  

FIX. Enrollment pages 
We've tidied up a few things relating to course/trip enrollment pages:   

1/ On enrollment pages, the fields are grouped into sections.   The titles on some of those sections were not correctly displayed.   They are now.

2/ Under some circumstances, the Add to Cart button did not become available at the right time after enrollment information was entered.  This is resolved 

NEW. AddSearch 
On those EVE web sites that have turned on AddSearch for smart site search, we now support auto-complete.  i.e. as the end-user types into the search box, likely matches are auto-displayed.

FIX. Course Filters 
On Course pages on EVE websites, you can provide filters above the course list so your customers can search your courses to find one that matches their requirements.  One of the filters is Location and that didn't work correctly in some cases.  It does now.   Another filter is course start date.  Previously, it that was left empty, courses starting in the past were listed when the user clicked Search.  This is now resolved.

FIX. Coupon Codes 
During checkout, your customers can use a coupon code if you support them.  In the previous version the coupon code entered could be 'lost' from the transaction in some circumstances.  This is now resolved.


Version 4.5 February 5th, 2020

NEWRedirections Panel.
Have you ever created a page on your website, sent a link to all your customers and then, without thinking, changed where the page resides on the site, thus rendering the link invalid? Maybe you've experienced that sinking feeling knowing that 1000 customers have an email in their inbox containing a link that, when clicked, will give the dreaded 404 - Page Not Found error. 

Well now, you can rest easy since we've added a redirections panel to the website CMS so you can instruct your website to redirect users to the correct page when they click that invalid link. e.g. maybe you first created the link as, sent your email and then, realizing the typeo in "dive-tirps", corrected it to "dive-trips".
On the new redirections panel, you simply need to specify the Old (bad) URL and the New (good) URL. Your customers won't even realize they're being redirected.
Access the redirections panel by logging into your CMS as an administrator and then clicking the Settings tab and then the Redirections Panel menu.

NEW. Better site management to handle overly aggressive  web crawlers/bots
As you may know, Google and other search engines work, in part, by sending bots or crawlers (i.e. automated computer programs) to scan websites and thus provide a map of all the page links. In effect, the bots "click" on every link that's available to them to see where they lead. That can have a detrimental effect on the website being crawled and, indeed, on all websites on the same server since resources are drained running database queries, etc. as each page on the site is loaded in a short period. We've now put in place a better way of directing those bots to useful areas of the website (so your site can still appear high on Google searches) while preventing them from wasting their time (and our resources) indexing pages that are not useful.
We also now more effectively block malicious crawlers.

 NEW.  EVE OnLine Enrollment improvements 
We've improved the way that course and trip enrollments work when the active user wants to book a course/trip for someone else rather than for themselves. Now, when they login and then replace the customer details on the enrollment page, they'll be prompted to indicate whether they're booking for someone else or whether they're wanting to update their own details (e.g. perhaps they spotted that their name or contact details were wrong or spelt incorrectly). If they're booking for someone else, a new customer record will be created on the database and that new customer will be enrolled on the course/trip.

NEW.  EVE OnLine Home Page
EVE OnLine has a "Home page" where you can show different sections to your users that highlight those products and services you most want to promote. In the past we supported 2 different layouts of that Home page and you could choose which one you preferred. We've now added another 3 layouts. Take a look at them on the Stores form in EVE. i.e. open your EVE OnLine store record in EVE, click on the EVE OnLine tab and then click on the Home Page tab. You'll see 5 layouts listed. Choose the one you like, add graphics and product category links and Save.

NEW. Name on EVE OnLine Payment Method button 
We know that some users can be skittish about entering their credit card details onto a site they haven't used before; especially if they don't recognize the name of the payment provider you have configured. So, now we've provided a way for you to insert your own graphic onto the payment button. It no longer needs to say "Stripe" or "2Checkout"; instead it can say "Credit Card" or whatever else you want. Just provide a link to your graphic in the "Graphic" box on the payment method in EVE that you've configured to use on-line. The graphic file can reside anywhere on-line that you like - e.g. in your website assets folder. Make sure the graphic is 90 x 45 pixels. You can use our default graphic if you like which is at:

NEW. New Registration Email 
We've added another standard email that's sent when a new user signs up on your website. The user will get the email and you, the store owner, will be cc-ed. You can edit the html of that email to tailor it to the requirements of your store. Let us know ( if you want us to send you the standard email text so you can review and modify it if necessary.

NEW. Assets file size limit increased
Sometimes you really, really need to save a document or file to your website assets folder that's a little bigger than what's allowed. Well, we've increased the size limit to 10MB. Please, that's not an invitation to upload all your large files to the website!

NEW. Search improvements
We've made some improvements in the way EVE OnLine search results are generated.

NEW. Language features improved 
We've translated more of the site components into French, Italian and Spanish and better handle accents and other "non-standard" characters.

NEW. Mobile improvements 
We have made various improvements to the display when the website is viewed on mobile devices.

NEW. Mobile Phone in Footer 
Your Mobile Phone number can now appear in the footer of the website if you want it to along with the rest of your contact details. *Available on selected themes.

FIX. Module Duration
If course module dates were set incorrectly in EVE such that the Start Time was after the End Time, the duration was shown as a negative number on-line. Now, the duration will not be shown in this case.

FIX. Customer Registration sections 
On the Store form in EVE, you can use check boxes to indicate which sections (e.g. Home Address, Work Address, Emergency Contact Details, etc.) should be visible when someone registers for a new account on-line. Those check boxes were being ignored. They are now taken into account again.

FIX. Commissionable -> True
From now on, when customers register for an account on-line they'll be marked as commissionable by default. That means that, when a staff member sells them items in EVE thereafter, the staff member will get commission on the sale - if you have configured EVE to give commissions.

FIX. Course Description formatting 
In the past, it was possible for the course page to be displayed slightly differently depending on what the user clicked to arrive there. The display will now be consistent.

FIX. Can't add course to cart 
In the past there was an issue in some circumstances if a default Country was set in the course/trip enrollment options. The user had to change the country and then back to the default country before they could proceed. This is now resolved.

FIX. Ordering of main website menus 
In some circumstances, if you re-ordered the top-level website menus in the CMS, a menu could appear before the Home Page button. This is now resolved.

FIX. Cayan Zip code
When using Cayan as the payment provider in EVE OnLine, Cayan rules dictate whether the Street Address and/or Zip code should be displayed along with the other fields when capturing credit card details. Zip code was not being displayed properly before. This is now resolved.

FIX. Cart Refresh issue
Previously, prices were not refreshed properly in some circumstances after a coupon code was applied. This is now resolved.

FIX. Blog Title missing in SEO information
SEO tags were not applied properly in all cases to blog posts. This is now resolved.

FIX. Vimeo Link 
We've fixed an issue in the integration with Vimeo that occurred when he Vimeo user name had certain formats.

FIX. Issue where items can be added to cart when they are configured to not be (re serial numbers) 
We've fixed an issue where items with serial numbers could still be added to the cart in EVE OnLine even when they were configured as read-only in EVE.

FIX. Wording in Course Schedule 
We've fixed a naming issue where the number of places available in course listings was shown as "Destinations Available" rather than "Places Available"

FIX. Data Protect Policy
We've fixed an issue where changes to the Data Protection Policy were not saved correctly in all circumstances.

FIX. Cookies "Learn more" lands on home page
We've corrected an issue whereby the "Learn More" link on the cookies information message took the user to the Home page rather than the Learn More page in some circumstances.

FIX. About Us image upload 
We've fixed an issue that used to occur if you uploaded a file that was not a valid image file to the About Us page in the CMS.

FIX. Password reset
We've fixed an issue where the Forgotten Password process did not work properly in some circumstances.

FIX. Blog home page button redirects to English 
We've fixed an issue on non-English sites where the Home button on the blogs page took the user to the English version of the page.

Version September the 3rd, 2019

NEW. Barclays is now available as a new payment gateway for the online shop
NEW. The online order total amount will be displayed on the Place Order button, during check out.
NEW. The login box will no longer display empty fields after successful login
FIX. The correct Stripe payment ID will be displayed again in EVE
FIX. Image Galleries on Sunrise Theme will display each active gallery again
FIX. When multiple stock items are used to sell a course, the correct price is displayed again for each choice

Version August the 14th, 2019

NEW. A message will be displayed when users forget the password and ask to reset it
NEW. Updated Stripe integration based on new outlines. If you are using Stripe, you are required to update the keys as explained on this page
FIX. Improved shop and website emails deliverability
FIX. CMS session duration extended to 30 minutes
FIX. Country selection is available again for course and trip bookings
FIX. Clicking the View Cart button will now display the cart again and list all the items

Version July the 25th, 2019

NEW. Removed Google + from CMS and individual pages
NEW. Receipts, shop emails and messages submitted through the website will now be sent using Amazon SES (Simple Email Service) to ensure great deliverability.
NEW. Support for JustUno ( has been added. "Intelligent lead captures and audience analytics to convert more visitors into customers."
NEW. Support for AddSearch ( has been added. "AddSearch helps your website visitors find what they are looking for. Instantly."
NEW. Load More results button in List View.
NEW. Added Events Assets folder to host events images for Sunrise template.
NEW. CMS session expiry. By default, CMS sessions will last 15 minutes if there is no activity. CMS users will be notified 5 minutes before the session expires. CMS users will also be notified when the session has expired.
NEW. Added CMS version number to the footer info.
NEW. Added plugin(s) control panel. Currently features Justuno and AddSearch
NEW. Add and manage your own META TAG on each page
NEW. Link to Cookies Policy.
NEW. Added support for Dutch Language.
NEW. On web pages where course lists are displayed, it's now possible to turn on filters so your customers can search by course type and/or instructor.
NEW. Better "robots file" support - i.e. improved ability to tell Google and other web crawlers about which pages they should examine.
NEW. Disable Add to Cart button. You can now display products online but disable the option to buy them
FIX. Various mobile improvements have been made in EVE OnLine - i.e. it will look better on phones and tablets.
FIX. The manage testimonials widget is available only on supported themes.
FIX. Web site visitors will be able to click only 1 time on the message submit button.
FIX. Restored Image Galleries on Sunrise theme.
FIX. Slider will pause when a video is played
FIX. On loading more results, the shop would display image 2 instead of image 1.
FIX. An error in selling Multi-Sales items (e.g. air-fill cards) in EVE Online has been fixed.
FIX. In some circumstances an error resulted when removing a package from the cart.
FIX. When items of the same color and/or size are linked the image of the 'parent' product was shown on children. Now the child image(s) will be shown when present.
FIX. Breadcrumb path on website pages.
FIX. Crawlers will now only report actual broken links.

Version May 6th 2019

NEW. You can now choose (using the new 'Enable Calendar' option on the Components->EOL->Edit EOL page in the CMS) whether courses and trips are displayed in List view or Calendar view by default on course/trip pages in the shop.
NEW. It's now possible to hide individual courses from the website and shop schedule by adding a $ symbol to the end of the course number in EVE.
NEW. Payment process general optimization and performance improvement
NEW. There is now the option to hide decimals in Short Code pricing
NEW. Only 'regular customers' (i.e. not CMS administrators) can now add items to the cart
NEW. Option to set home page link for EOL Only.
NEW. Option to add SEO keywords and description to blog posts.
NEW. Added pagination for courses and trips listings on website pages.
NEW. Added feature to upload sitemap.xml file
NEW. Added feature to edit the content of your robots.txt file
NEW. Customers can check out when the cart total is 0
NEW. Sometimes you may want 'private' courses to be visible in EVE but not in EVE OnLine. You can now make a course private by appending a $ symbol to the end of the course number in EVE. E.g. “OW 10/08/19$”
NEW. Sometimes you may want flexible courses or trips to be setup where the dates are agreed with the customer(s) after the on-line booking. You can setup a course/trip dated e.g. the last day of the year and all people book onto that course/trip that want flexible dates. You can move them later on to the appropriate course/trip after agreeing dates with them. If you use a prefix of .Premium. in the course/trip number (e.g. ".Premium. OW", ".Premium. AOW", etc.), dates and times will not appear in the confirmation email sent to them when they book.
NEW. You can now provide distinct email templates for course confirmation emails for each course type being purchased.
FIX. Shop item description tabs font color have been changed in dark background template to improve readability
FIX. Shop slides on mobile devices now display properly
FIX. Page header image on the Sunrise Template now displays properly
FIX. Direct links in page side links now work properly
FIX. Search results items used to land on a blank page in some circumstances. No longer
FIX. View product link would land on a blank page in some circumstances. No longer
FIX. The Gender field is now available to fill in on course and trip bookings.
FIX. Default video view on Classic theme home page.
FIX. Relate products and number of related products
FIX. Images with JPEG extension are now allowed
FIX. Changes applied to the Data Protection page are now saved and displayed correctly
FIX. Product ratings are now displayed correctly again
FIX. Products Sort Order is now working properly again
FIX. Restored password reset confirmation page
FIX. Terms and Conditions link in the shop

Version 4.4.5 06/02/2019

NEW. General performance improvement 
NEW. Added Octopus and Boat Dive website templates
NEW. Added Adverts, Tabs, eLearning, PADI Travel to all website templates
NEW. Option to add scripts to each individual web page
NEW. Website Admin can select website main colour 
NEW. Added link to this page on CMS 
NEW. Added Terms and Conditions, General Data Protection pages to all templates
NEW. Added option to deselect the header image on web pages 
NEW. Added new colours
FIX. Shipping address would return a blank prompt when no shipping method defined
FIX. Shipping cost was not caculated properly 
FIX. Shipping address would not retain country information
FIX. Blog Recent posts were not sorted by published date
FIX. Google retired Google+ services. We removed the integration
FIX. TABS long Target URL were not saved 
FIX. Shipping would not work when only 1 shipping was defined
FIX. Trips Notes were not saved in List View
FIX. Prices were missing on package items, in Course and Trips selector
FIX. Shop items bulleted list were not properly formatted
FIX. Home Page Title was bold by default
FIX. Upload People would return blank page
FIX. Pages with tabs were broken 
FIX. Adverts were not displayed
FIX. Related products would display stock items marked unavailable 
FIX. An issue would allow customers to overbook courses and/or trips 
FIX. Slides were not properly displayed on shop slider
FIX. Taxes were missing to package items in Radio button mode
FIX. Packages in View Package mode were not properly formatted
FIX. Taxes were not displayed on More Results when a different pricing type was applied to the shop
FIX. CMS Admin passwords were not saved then the website field was filled in
FIX. Images were missing when opening a staff profile
FIX. Phone field was marked as Country in the address pane
FIX. Course List header was too short on webpages
FIX. Packages in View Package mode were not properly formatted
FIX. Shipping address form would not retain information


Version 4.3

NEW. Menu items can be set to land on corresponding page.
NEW. Added Data Protection page
NEW. Added short codes feature.
NEW. Unpubslished pages will return Page 404 message
FIX. EOL Custom Language moved to new Manage EOL component
FIX. Minimum amount on check out process. If the amount is less than 0.5, unsupported payment providers will not be available

Version 4.2 

NEW. Option to add custom scripts to to website head or body