EVE Splash Upgrade Courses

EVE Splash Upgrade Courses, are available for certified EVE Splash Users to Upgrade their qualification to Full EVE certification.  Typically, if a dive centre is upgrading from EVE SPlash to Full EVE, the staff will need to undertake additional learning to orientate themselves to the increased functionality and modules contained within the FUll EVE Program.

The course content is brief, only containing the relevent lessons that are required to 'Upgrade' student learning with the components aligned with the skills and knowledge to become proficient with the additonal Modules and  functionality in the Full EVE Program.

The courses, take into account your previous studies and all acredited lessons are APEL through the learming process. There is no need for the student to resit the previous certified course content.

 There are Five EVE SPlash Upgrade Packages Available for Students to take. 

Student need only upgrade their current certified level to full EVE

EVE Upgrade Manager Course Package

EVE Upgrade Counter Staff Course Package

EVE Upgrade Marketing Administrator Course Package

EVE Upgrade Supervisor Course Package

EVE Upgrade System Administrator Course Package