Relax and let EVE manage, your dive charters, day trips,dive vacations and all events.
Whats more EVE will market to your divers inviting them, to book again and again !

Whether you are running a busy resort dealing with large numbers of customers, or a busy residential dive center, EVE has the activity management toolsdesigned especially for you to help make the often complicated logistical challenge much easier.

Do you find the line at the checkout gets longer and longer while you enroll someone on a charter?Dive Charter Scapa Flow

Do you have to go hunting under the counter for those trip manifests and waiver forms every time someone signs up for a trip?

Do you have trouble finding out who has paid in full and who has a balance due?

You need to have look at EVE's Trips module, designed specifically for the smooth running of your dive events and  trips. EVE, will even print or mail the appropriate waiver forms and related activity information, right from the point of sale. Everything is made easy, even complicated tasks like:

Multiple people wanting to sign up together and dive on multiple days?  No Problem.

Customers that want to reserve the same equipment each day? No Problem.

Customers that need to be picked up at a specific time and location. You guessed it - No Problem.

Make the start of the customers journey enjoyable - provide them with the exact information right away.

EVE will automate all of those manual tasks you waste so much time on and simplify those complicated dive-related transactions so you can sit back and relax knowing your employees are making fewer mistakes in the confusion of the charter sign-up. You can link all the important waiver forms and release documents to EVE so they are automatically printed or emailed when a place is sold. If some of your customers always dive together, you can group them together for faster and easier sign-up next time.

Manage Multiple Boats and Group Bookings with ease

You can keep a profile for your regular customers so their equipment requirements are right there on the computer for you to confirm. Busy resorts with multiple boats will enjoy using EVE's new Event Planner. Simply sign up customers in advance for the day they choose, then use the Event Planner nearer the time to assign customers to particular boats. Give a trip roster to the boat's captain and the boat can leave on-time every time!

Sell Packages and add on items - EVE handles it for you

Of course, EVE handles vacations just as easily. Multiple levels can be defined for different pricing options. Packages can be set up so the sales staff are prompted to ask customers if they want to sign up for the extra dive, or the room upgrade, etc. If there are any changes to the arrangements, you can quickly compose an email or text message and send it right from the Trip page notifying the enrolled customers of the change.

Get your customers booking without them even coming to the store

EVE Users that are using EVE OnLine, customers may respond to the messages that EVE sends out to them and book trips, charters, vacations and events from the comfort of their own homes, or anywhere they happen to be. The sale is recorded in the store on EVE and the relevent infomration sent straight to them. You didn't even hane to pick up the phone. Furthermore, now they are booked onto the event in EVE, they will recieve the marketing mails, you have set up to sned out prior to the event occuring to create all of those profitable add on sales. EVE OnlIne closes the sales loop in response ot your marketing and educates your customers to use the speed and convenience of purchassing and booking their training, trips and equipment through your webstore and online booking system. If you have not installed EVE onLine yet, it may be time you had a look. EVE OnLine Real time booking and Online sales made easy

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