SERVICES MODULE Work Orders/parts

EVE's Service module takes the effort out of running your service department.

When a customer purchases an item that requires servicing (e.g. a Regulator), it is automatically added to the service reminders list. This time next year (and subsequent years), EVE will let you know the item is due for service so you can email (or snail mail) the customer straight from the program. If the customer purchased an item elsewhere it can, of course, be added to the service log as well.

Remind the early, remind them often, their safety is your concern

Sending service reminders to the entire customer base takes a few moments of  your time and yet creates a considerable revenue througout the year. Service reminders are typically sent on the anniversary of the items purchase, at the end and beginning of the diving season. Plus prior to every diving vacation. Every diver knows for their own safety they have to service their equipment. EVE reminds them to bring that item in for servicing, you can even assign staff to pick it up !

EVE Manages your Service Workshop

When you create the Work Order, you can assign dates, technician, service parts, waranty information, labor and handling charges. You can print a Service Agreement for the customer to sign and technician reports that show details of the work to be done, and the actual work completed. All parts and labour are automatically added to the customers service invoice ready to charge at the point of sale upon pick up. EVE, even makes ready the used service parts for re-order from the supplier.

You can run reports to show how many items of each type (Cylinders, Regulators, etc) were serviced by each technician in a specified time frame. You can also run reports on each item to see its service history - particularly important for your rental items.