SALES MODULE Complete Point Of Sale Module

Would you like your sales counter to run like clockwork? Would you like your sales staff to be able to quickly and easily process your customer sales and requests? Would you like to have instant access to your sales figures and graphs for the previous week, month, year, etc?


Check out EVE's Sales module.

This is a fully-featured Point Of Sale (POS) program that is simple to learn, yet powerful to run. You will find your sales staff are quickly able to process sales receipts, gift card sales and handle customer accounts.


Manage Inventory Levels with Ease

Have you ever found yourself scanning the shelves to find out if you have that particular item in stock? No longer! EVE will track your stock levels and indicate when you are running low. EVE can even tell you where in the store or warehouse to find the product you are looking for. Powerful search features mean you will always be able to find any product at anytime. Even those items that didn't have a barcode. See more - Inventory Purchases Module


Import all your inventory lists and details

Think it is a lot of work to enter all of that inventory information in the first place? Think again! EVE lets you import all of your product lists including Part numbers, descriptions, prices, etc. Price updates are made ease too !


Issue Invoices, Refunds, Gift certificates, Quotes with ease

The Sales Module forms the core of your dive center’s point of sale system. Through the Sales Module, you can issue invoices, refunds, gift cards, gift certificates and quotes.


Sell courses, trips, charters, room bookings, club memerships,airfill cards

You can sell courses, trips, charters, room bookings, club memberships, air fill cards all at the Point of Sale. EVE will automatically enroll customers on the appropriate course/trip for you as part of the sale.


Use on any windows PC, or Integrate with POS Hardware Systems

Receipts and invoices can be printed on any Windows based printer and most specialized receipt printers. Connect a barcode scanner, barcode printer, customer pole display, magnetic stripe reader and cash-drawer to your PC to create the complete electronic point of sale system.

Maintain accounts receivables and default Discount Bands for privileged customers. A powerful Search Wizard allows all transactions to be easily referenced.


Integrate sales information with Quickbooks

You can export your sales information to the QuickBooks accounting program or to Microsoft Excel.


Access Reports and Analyse Profit in seconds

The EVE profit tracker allows you to analyze how much money you are making. Daily / weekly / monthly / yearly sales reports can be produced in seconds. Tax reports are a synch. You can also use EVE's powerful Sales Search Wizard to analyze your sales; see which suppliers products sell best, see trends in sales of different products throughout the year.


Train staff in just a few minutes

The program is designed to be user friendly; staff training takes only a few minutes. Your customer and employee of the month can be easily identified for possible awards and cross promotions with other businesses. This encourages competition among staff members, making them more attentive to customers.


Marketing your sales and creating new ones

All the while you are busy selling on the shop floor, EVE is busy collating and preparing your activity ready to congratulate your customers on their recent purchases and recommend add on sales and activities. Using EVE's powerful CRM abilities, increases your divers activity and spending with you. EVE is so much more than a point of sale system.