RENTALS MODULE Dive Rentals Turn The Hassle Into Profit !

Rental Equipment is a large financial investment, often under utilized as a profit center in a busy dive center. A dive centers have tens of thousands of dollars even more, tied up in equipment, and for the majority the primary use allows them to run dive classes and a few local trips. In contrast a busy dive resort may have hundred thousand dollars and more, invested into a depository of hundreds of dive kits that are flying back and forth across the rental coRenting Dive Equipmentunter every day of the week. So, whichever category your operation falls into:

How do you know where its all gone?

How do you know its been bought back?

How do you track the activtiy and history of each and every item?

How do you know when each item is due for service?

How do you know what equipment size a regular diver needs?

Keep Track of your investment

EVE lets you keep track of that investment by knowing who has booked what equipment and when. A complete rental history is maintained so you can see how often each item has been rented and who last rented that Regulator that has now gone missing.

Record Customer Profiles and make repeat bookings a smooth and easy process

The booking of items, such a chore before EVE, is turned into a smooth and easy process. Equipment Profiles can be set up for your regular customers so you can indicate e.g. preferred wet suit size, boot size and weight requirement, etc. Once a customer has made an initial booking, you can quickly create repeat bookings by copying the original - just change the dates and you're done. Barcodes can be added to larger items - one quick scan and the booking is created.

Increase Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction can be improved by running reports before the class or trip starts, to show all items required and filling boxes for each customer with their equipment. EVE won't allow you to double-book items so you can rest assured customers will no longer be disappointed by their favorite item being unavailable.

Make check ins easy

Larger facilities can check items back in from the boat using a wireless barcode scanner. Scan all items, upload into EVE and let EVE highlight any outstanding items - you already know who rented those items, so a quick text message to their cell phone will remind them before they leave the site.

Keeping Track of Servicing

Many parts of the developed world have to comply with statutory regulations, requiring their rental equipment to be regularly maintained. EVE tracks the history and time between servicing of each and every item. EVE will prompt you with a reminder when a service is due. EVE will also maintain a record ready to produce of all rental equipment histories including the compliance of those annoying statutory requirements.

Start looking at Rentals as a great way to increase your revenue

Equipment Rentals are often viewed as a bothersome process. Why? We all know its far better for business, if people buy a full set of dive equipment !!  That maybe so, but for those new divers that are not quite yet ready to make the commitment, a smooth rental process is a high profit activity, to keep them busily engaged. Each and every they book on a course or dive event they give you extra money.   Diving rentals is a winner - we love people renting dive kit !! They give you money and then give you back your kit, only to give you more money the next time they want to go diving again. They may even choose a favourite piece of kit. At the end of the season, you might wish to offer them a package to buy it at a reduced retail rate or better still put it aside for them to rent again next year. EVE will help you to manage your dive rentals and please your rental customers, by assigning their favourite piece of kit into their profile.