EVE handles Inventory Management with ease. The once endless chore of re-ordering and replacing your best selling items is carried out in just a few moments.


Control your spending with EVE's Intelligent Inventory Management Tools

EVE's Purchases module makes light work of keeping your inventory up to date. It can create Purchase Orders with a few clicks of the mouse to bring your inventory levels up to your desired ideal levels. What's more, EVE knows about your seasonal highs and lows - there is no point keeping all of your summer items fully stocked in your slow season, right?


Do you just want to re-order items you sold last week or last month?

Again, EVE will do that for you with a few clicks. Purchase Orders can be instantly emailed or faxed straight from EVE to your Suppliers.


Handles Back Orders

If your Supplier can't meet your order immediately and sends a partial shipment, no problem. EVE easily handles back orders and keeps track of any outstanding items.


Do you dread that end of year inventory count?

EVE takes away the stress by letting you use wireless barcode scanners. You can walk around the store/warehouse and scan items in stock. Then, when you are ready, upload all the information to EVE. EVE will compare new to original stock levels and adjust the numbers accordingly.


Do you find your employees keep ordering items you don't want to stock?

No problem. Purchase Orders may be compiled off-line and only be sent after you have approved them. You can set controls to all of EVE Modules, so only allocated staff may compile orders with suppliers.