EVE PRO The App For Teaching Professionals

EVE Pro is designed to work with the global, award winning array of EVE products distributed by Integrated Scuba Systems. It’s designed to assist teaching professionals working within, or remotely from, their company or place of work.Eve Pro Black

A personal App that allows the user to manage their tasks, teaching and event schedules. Users can add new, and edit existing, customer details, update class attendance, insert teaching and student notes, send text messages and emails instantly to students and customers. Users may also track certifications and generally be productive on the go.

The calendar interface allows users to view their current, past and futures activities. Teaching in remote locations? No problem, simply, tap the screen to select the days where you know you may be out of Wi-Fi or mobile range, download and administer your classes and events and synchronize instantly to the central database when you’re  back in range.  The perfect tool for working Livaboards, dayboats or teaching out in the wilderness.

        Want to make sales? EVE Pro connects directly to your online shop and booking agent, allowing you to make sales and bookings during down-time in the company of your students.EVE Pro Menu Black

All information is updated live to your central company database.  Data is recorded and backed up daily. Users may access their information from desktop, tablet or phone platforms, making EVE Pro the most versatile application available for teaching professionals. Download EVE Pro and expand  your business to the next level. You’ll enjoy using EVE Pro to make your job easier.  Your customers will love the increased level of service.  Your company will enjoy the increased sales.  Enjoy EVE Pro.

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