Do you know who your customers are?

Effective marketing is a key part of building a successful business in today’s competitive environment. The principal target market for a dive store constitutes those people that visit the store even if only to make an enquiry or buy something insignificant like a fin strap. Collect their information in EVE and use this to selectively target the right population. Don’t consider a sale to be the end of the process – see it as the beginning of an on-going relationship with the customer. Generate an instant target audience by downloading, from PADI, details of all students you have certified in the past and import them straight into EVE.


Do you have a quick and easy way to contact the right customers with the right information?

EVE has amazing Search features that let you perform an almost infinite number of searches with a few clicks. For instance, you could send an email or text message straight from EVE to all those people who purchased a regulator last year, but have not had it serviced; or send an invitation to the next Cozumel trip to all those who have an OW cert, but not AOW. The possibilities are endless.

Use the pre-defined professional marketing Email and Word for Windows templates, or design your own for use with EVE. Why not send a special offer on Scuba Reviews to people you have not seen in your store for 3 years or more?


Do you have tools to keep divers active?

EVE has many features to keep your customers re-visiting your store. Why not sell Gift Cards? Statistics show that 56 percent of consumers spend more than the initial value of their card – frequently up to twice as much. ISSYS can print professional looking cards with your store logo and contact details for you. Your customers will then carry around an instant advert for your store in their wallet.


Do you have ways to keep customers loyal to your store?

EVE has an in-built loyalty program. Make your valued customers aware that the more they spend, the more credit they will accrue. Use EVE to organize your dive club. Keep club members active and returning to the store using special offers for club members and by organizing trips and special outings.