Would you like to be able to view your entire activity schedules at a glance?

Do you find your daily schedule is kept in several different places? Is some of it in Microsoft Outlook, some in your cell phone and some on scraps of paper? Do you wish you knew when your staff members are scheduled to be teaching and when they should be on duty at the store?

Well, you need EVE's Calendar feature. This is not just a static day planner; it gives you instant access to the information you need in an easy-to-understand color-coded format.

A entire range of activity maybe viewed in an instant - tell EVE what you want to see...

Courses, Trips, Employee Schedules, Employee Hours Worked, Scheduled Contact Calls, Employee Tasks all show up automatically when you create them elsewhere in EVE. e.g. create a new course, set the dates, it appears right there on the Calendar.

You can see at a glance everything that is happening in the store this month, next month, or whenever you like. Too much information to view? Just use the in-built options to turn off information you are not currently interested in seeing. For instance, if you just want to see Open Water course modules being taught in Classroom 1 next month, it's just a few clicks away. Want to see the complete schedule worked by a particular staff member last month? It's a few seconds work.

Assign tasks and track when done

And the Calendar is not just a passive feature. Bring it to life by creating courses, trips, etc. right on the Calendar itself! Right click on the start date, and create a multitude of new records instantly. An employee phones in sick? Why not go the Calendar and reschedule their work hours by dragging and dropping onto a different day? Set up the hours for one employee already? Why not copy and paste to other days in the working week?

As we mentioned already, you can color-code the Calendar in any way you see fit. For instance, you could code it so course modules appear in a different color based on their Location. Or, you could configure courses and trips so those with spaces available are shown in green, while those that are full are shown in red, etc, etc.

Send staff activities to their phone

If your employees use Outlook, you can export their entire work schedule so they can import it into their Outlook Calendar at home. Want to show your course and trip schedules on your website? Just export the Calendar information to HTML and give the page to your web-master.