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Mark Jobs Unavailable In Your Eve Agent

Tech Tips GSaracino09 Sep, 2016

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Whether you wish to trigger your marketing cycle and follow up on a student's enquiry, contact your students who just completed their PADI Open Water Diver course, or your customers whose regulators are due for service, our EVE Agent offers you the corresponding job.

The combinations are many, including certification levels, equipment as well as frequency. This is the reason why there are over 100 jobs in your Agent. You may feel that your business and marketing needs are met by using just some of the jobs available to you. As an example, you may wish to contact your students only 14 days after certification. Other jobs will still be listed in your Agent, even if you do not run them. Our Team recommends to mark these jobs as unavailable.

To mark a job unavailable, open your EVE Agent, double click on the job, and then click on Unvailable.

Mark job unavailable

Unvailable jobs will be crossed out, but not deleted from your database. If you need, you can uncheck the same box. And if you only want to display available jobs, click on Do not Show Unavailable.

Unavailable Jobs


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